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During the first part of the competition (Saturday and Sunday only) we will reveal in each level and age category the 4 groups with the best score.


*Note that dancers cannot be twice in the same  challenge.

We therefore choose the best score of the 2 choreographies and we give the chance to the next best score

to access the 2move challenge of their level and age category

They will have the chance to have a personalized moment with our competition judges to perform at100% during the 2MOVE Challenge. 

*Note that the 2Move challenge is only reserved for groups of 4 dancers or more and that it will take place on Sunday pm and/or Saturday evening also.

Ticket sales on site only at theTicketing 

 When the 2MOVE challenge begins, the 4 best groups having had the best scores of each level and age category, will have the chance to perform a 2nd and even a 3rd time in a duel of any style and group combined in a system similar to a tournament*. The number of challenges will depend on the number of registrations for each age and level category.


*Note that we must have a minimum of 4 groups in each level and age

for the 2MOVE challenge of this age or level category to take place.


*Also note that all senior + groups (30 years and over) who will access the 2move challenge

will be classified together (all levels combined)

During this challenge, the  judges let's choose their favorite performance in each duel to then determine thewinner of the 2MOVE challenge.

We reserve all  an atmosphere and  an enriching experience during the latter

part of the competition. 

 * Tournament: Here is an example of a fictitious schedule of the 2 move challenge  (Level 1 / Mini age/Junior)

Groupe 1

Groupe 2

Gagnant 1

Grand gagnant
Niveau 1 Mini/Junior 

Groupe 3

Groupe 4

Gagnant 2

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